Easy to Use Nap Alarm Clock

产品编号: E0117ST
Big Display Nap Alarm Clock
Instantly set a 5, 15 or 30-minute nap timer with the press of a button! The Nap Clock is an easy-to-use alarm clock featuring 3 one-touch nap timer buttons. It also has a traditional morning wake-up alarm with snooze. Set you
  • Easy to use 3-button nap timer 
  • Press multiple buttons for other time amounts (time simply adds up)
  • Up to 360-minute (6-hour) nap time 
  • Press the CLEAR button to erase the nap time and start over Set time appears on the LCD and counts down until time is expired 
  • Shows how much nap time is remaining 
  • Can also be used in the kitchen, timing tasks, appointment reminder alarm, etc. 
  • Traditional morning wake-up alarm works independently of nap timer 
  • Snooze button for wake-up alarm 
  • Alarm sound: Intermittent beep 
  • Time display in big, bold black numbers on LCD 
  • Indoor temperature is also displaying in either C/F
  • Backlight on demand


       Product Size:138x70x66mm (L x W x H)
       Battery Type:2*AA/LR6 batteries
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  • 电话: 0086-591-38111725